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Partnership Plus Program 

FREE One Month Unlimited Classes

Wow, this is amazing news! You are now a part of our Partnership Plus Program, which means that your employer or residential complex has teamed up with Workout with Reba to offer you free and accessible fitness options. We are passionate about making fitness available to everyone, and we are conveniently located in the heart of Applewood, CO (26th & Youngfield), so you can easily join our community and start your fitness journey today! 

We offer group fitness classes that are designed to build strength and improve conditioning within a fun, welcoming fitness community. Workouts are mindfully prepared, take place in a warm room (75-80 degrees) and are paired with upbeat music that motivates and inspires you to challenge yourself.


How to Sign Up!

It is super easy to participate! 


Click the link below and choose the first class you would like to attend!  Register using first class free and use the code FIRSTCLASS.  Please note you will need to create a login and password.

After you attend your first class free tell the instructor you are a part of the "Partnership Plus" program and they will add one month unlimited classes to your account!  

Who is Eligible:

Residents of Camden Denver West Apartments

Residents of Montrachet Denver West Apartments



If I am a beginner can I attend?

Absolutely, we welcome all levels and love beginners!  Tell your instructor about any injuries or issues you have and let them know you are a beginner! 

What do I wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in!  Most of our classes are shoe-less but you are welcome to wear your shoes if you prefer! 

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first class so we can help you get ready!  

email: reba@

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