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Group Classes - First class is complimentary

Need the energy of a group to get motivated and moving?  Then this is a great option for you!  

Class Description:

HIIT Sculpt & Flow is WWR's unique combination of strength training, cardio bursts, and mobility work.  Strength and conditioning flow seamlessly together throughout the course of a 45-minute class. Each class challenges different areas of the body. Working a variety of muscle groups encourages your body to adapt and helps build strength over time. Outcomes you can expect are increased strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and self-confidence. 

With an intimate class setting the vibe is supportive and motivating. Based in Applewood, CO, at the newly renovated Sattva Health & Wellness Center.


1:1 Motivational Coaching

For those that want a little more support, aren’t comfortable working out in a group setting or just don’t have time to make a group fitness class then this is the perfect option for you.  Support is the name of my game and there is nothing I want to do more.  The objective is not to turn you into a body builder but rather to keep you accountable for meeting your fitness goals, supporting you through-out your journey.

  • What it includes: customized fitness plan (4-week and 6-week options), 1:1 workout at the location of your choice (your home, outdoors, gym, studio), customized playlists, equipment, flexible scheduling (I’ll work around your schedule), support throughout the week (texting) sample meal plan (optional) and discount on group fitness classes.

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Pop Up Workouts

Planning a birthday party, fundraiser, girls’ night or "just because" gathering with friends?  This custom designed class includes a 40-minute workout (similar to my normal HIIT flow class) with an optional theme and beverages add-on.  Located at the WWR Studio- Sattva Health & Wellness Center (Applewood, CO) or a location of your choice (your home, park, etc.)! 

I can travel with equipment and PA system. 

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I started attending the Workout with Reba classes to improve my overall strength and conditioning for ultramarathon swimming. Now, 6 months later, I am seeing results in the pool and in the lake - feeling stronger overall and able to really kick things up a notch and achieve some big personal goals.  I highly recommend Workout with Reba - you can individually push yourself with the support of a dynamic instructor and fun, welcoming group.


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