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Class Formats

Welcome to our studio located in the heart of Applewood, Lakewood, CO! We are thrilled to offer you a complimentary first class to experience our amazing heated classes ranging from 75-80 degrees. We are known for our HIIT and Strength classes, but we also offer a variety of class formats to keep things exciting! Our intimate classes are led by qualified instructors who are dedicated to helping improve your form and reach your fitness goals. Come join us for an exhilarating workout experience and see what our studio is all about!


Experience the ultimate fusion of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and Strength training in our dynamic class!  Ignite your metabolism with heart pounding intervals then sculpt and strengthen your muscles with targeted resistance exercises.  Expect to sweat-it-out this class is in a warm room (75-80 degrees).  Class is about 80% strength and 20% HIIT.

Every class is programmed different to offer you variety! 


MUSCLE UP (lower body focus)

Strengthen and sculpt your major muscle groups with Muscle Up (Lower Body Focus), an engaging class that utilizes dumbbells, resistance bands, and body weight for a well-rounded lower body workout. You will leave dripping in sweat!  Every class is programed differently to keep things spicey!  This is a time to lift slightly heavier and work on your form!  But don't worry you will still get a full body experience!  


STRETCH & STRENGTH (upper body focus)

Improve your flexibility, build muscle strength, and get a cardio boost in our Stretch & Strength Burn class! With a strong focus on the upper body, you'll use a variety of techniques and resistance exercises for a well-rounded workout that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. Get ready for 10 minutes of invigorating yoga followed by 35 minutes of intense strength training!

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