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Welcome to our exclusive partnership program, where we are revolutionizing the way local businesses and residential facilities approach fitness!  We love working with our local community!  

At our core, we're dedicated to enhancing community wellness by offering tailor-made fitness solutions designed just for you!  This is completely complimentary to your business!!  


Residential Facilities Partnerships 

There are many ways Workout With Reba and Residential Businesses (apartments) can partner and work together and this is very customizable depending on what is best for both your business and Workout With Reba!  We typically start by offering your entire residential facility  one month of  FREE unlimited classes at our heated studio in Lakewood, CO (Applewood Neighborhood)!

We also offer both free and paid pop-up workouts at your residence- we provide the PA system and equipment!  This allows your residents an opportunity to connect as a community, try our class and allows our staff to help them register for the one month unlimited classes!    

Local Employers 

We are excited to offer your business complimentary fitness programs! And the best part? There is absolutely no cost to your business! We truly believe that healthy employees are happy employees, and we are thrilled to help your team stay fit and active. Your employees can enjoy one whole month of unlimited group fitness classes at our Lakewood, CO location (Applewood)- free to them and free to the business! This is an incredible value and an amazing opportunity to invest in your team's well-being! We just ask that you help promote our business.  We also offer virtual options.  


Why Free?

 Our services are completely complimentary and we do not charge for them. We offer this as a way to help market our business while also providing a perk to your residents and/or employees!  It's a win-win for everyone!  

The Workout

Welcome to our studio! We offer a range of class formats help you achieve your fitness goals. Our HIIT & strength, upper body strength, lower body strength, and fusion classes are designed to challenge and motivate you and help you achieve your goals! Plus, all of our classes take place in a comfortable but sweaty 75 to 80-degree room- click below to learn more!

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