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A Little Bit About Me

All About Fitness


Fitness and health have been a part of my life from the very beginning.  At a young age, my parents put me in ballet at the Professional Milwaukee Ballet School  where I continued to dance for 10 years.  After moving to Colorado in 2005 I fell in love with the abundance of outdoor fitness options and healthy lifestyle that Colorado had to offer and began my official journey into the "fitness world." 


In 2008 I became a CYI (certified yoga instructor) and taught at studios throughout Denver.  Although I love practicing yoga (and still do) I quickly realized my interest in coaching fitness.    I had a dream to coach classes that were beat driven, but still highly functional fitness focused.  I wanted to merge the art  and science of coaching fitness.


In 2017 my family and I moved to Applewood, CO and realized that there weren't many boutique fitness options in Applewood and in 2018 WWR was born! It began a small group of women wanting to workout together and classes were held at Rise Dance Studio in Golden, CO.  We quickly outgrew that space so we moved over to Sattva Health and Wellness Center where I could rent my own space and increase the volume of class sizes! 


At the same time, in 2021 I began coaching Rescon (resistance conditioning classes) at Duality Fit in Denver, CO.  This is where I deepened my fitness coaching education .  In 2021 I completed a Barre training with Ohana Yoga and Barre in Denver, CO.  I'm currently completing my certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have been coaching classes for over 15 years.    

I'm obsessed with hard workouts that are fun, upbeat and bring the community the community together.   

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