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What is Workout with Reba?

Workout with Reba (WWR) Fitness offers a variety of group fitness classes, local business partnership programs and 1:1 motivational fitness coaching.  Classes are designed to build strength and improve conditioning within a fun, welcoming fitness community. Workouts are mindfully prepared, take place in a warm room and are paired with upbeat music that motivates and inspires you to challenge yourself.   Based in Applewood, CO, at the newly renovated Sattva Health & Wellness Center WWR classes are open to all and the first week is complimentary.  Classes include but are not limited to: HIIT, Strength, Yoga and more. 

WWR Vision:

To enable both women, men all at different stages in their lives with diverse athletic abilities to build strength while moving their bodies in a fun, and challenging way. To become better all-around humans. 

WWR Mission

“At one point in my life, working out was just about my appearance.   Although it is important to have self esteem and confidence it is just one small part of the whole equation and not what defines us.  Nowadays, it is much more about how I truly want to live my life and who I want to be, it is my outlet, my medicine and makes me all around a better human in all the ways. I am truly passionate about supporting women and men than through their fitness journey.”   - Reba Deck

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I started attending the Workout with Reba classes to improve my overall strength and conditioning for ultramarathon swimming. Now, 6 months later, I am seeing results in the pool and in the lake - feeling stronger overall and able to really kick things up a notch and achieve some big personal goals.  I highly recommend Workout with Reba - you can individually push yourself with the support of a dynamic instructor and fun, welcoming group.


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